Educator Empowerment

Partner with educators to build STEM teaching and leadership skills. Support educators through employee engagement inside and outside of the classroom.

Dow Thailand Group has implemented the related projects as follows.

Dow Chemistry Classroom

Dow Chemistry Classroom

Dow Thailand Group in collaboration with the Chemical Society of Thailand under the patronage of Professor Dr. HRH Princess Chulaborn Walailak has set up the “Dow Chemistry Classroom” project. The project focuses on science teaching and learning especially those relating to chemistry laboratory to enhance teachers’ and students’ capacity through Small-Scale Chemistry Laboratory (SSCL), a technique considered highly efficient and safe. Recognized internationally and by UNESCO, the technique has been applied for the first time by a private corporation in the Thai education system. Main activities of the project include providing workshop training on small-scale chemistry laboratory techniques to high school science teachers; monitoring and evaluating their teaching, organizing a contest on how the SSCL technique is applied in classroom and, finally, training role-model science teachers of Dow Chemistry Classroom. The main purpose is to develop trainers and teachers capable enough to disseminate this teaching technique in a wider scale. From its inception, more than 400 primary and secondary teachers from 176 schools nationwide attended the project and more than 30,000 students have benefited from the project.