Dow Joins Forces with Public and Private Sectors in “Pudorn Reforestation Project” to Support Eco-tourism in Honor of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit

Rayong - August 09, 2018 - Dow Thailand Group, in collaboration with the Ban Chang community and its affiliates, hosted the “Pudorn Reforestation Project” in Ban Chang district, Rayong province to help conserve the area and promote eco-tourism. The project aims to honor Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, queen consort of King Rama IX, on the occasion of her 86th birthday known as Thai Mother’s Day.


Currently, forest areas in Rayong cover 313 square meters (equivalent to 200,000 rai) or 9 percent of the land in Rayong. Dow Thailand Group values the conservation of forests and has continuously encouraged forestation activities at Dow and in the neighboring communities. This not only helps increase the number of green protection strips, but also raises awareness of coastal conservation among people and improves their quality of life.

On the occasion of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit’s 86th birthday on 12th August 2018, Dow Thailand Group joined hands with Ban Chang district and its local agencies, Rayong Provincial Office for Natural Resources and the Environment, Rayong Rural Road Office, and Kasetsart University to initiate the “2018 Pudorn Reforestation Project”. The collaboration reflects the significant involvement of community people in the development of green areas for eco-tourism and promotion of learning in Rayong.

Decha Panichayapichet, Site Director of Dow Thailand Group, remarked “Dow Thailand is committed to the principles of corporate citizenship, a mission we carry out with earnestness so as to improve the quality of life of the communities around our operational sites and help these communities create sustainable success. Considered a strategic area of Thailand’s Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) and a transportation hub, Ban Chang - the home of our manufacturing operations – is expected to welcome a number of domestic and foreign tourists in the near future. The project will consequently become one of our collaborations in driving environmental preservation and eco-tourism and in providing long-term support for the local economy.

Reforestation creates improved air quality and reduces carbon dioxide. Planting a tree can remove more than 9 kg of CO2 every year. This year over 900 volunteers from Dow Thailand Group, the Ban Chang community and its partners together are growing 700 trees landscaping the environment in Rayong, creating a spectacular view alongside the road and greater opportunities for outdoor activities, such as cycling and sightseeing.

Teerawat Sooksud, Deputy Rayong Governor, said “Reforestation benefits Rayong’s residents in terms of environment, tourism, and economy. The expansion of green areas also leads to sustainable development where local people join hands in overcoming challenges and supporting each other for mutual benefit. This results in happiness, wealth and sustainability of local people as well as the growth of the economy in the province.”

The project reinforces Dow’s commitment to 2025 Sustainability Goals in valuing nature and engaging employees for impact. The company plans to conduct tree-planting activities in Ban Chang through continuous reforestation to promote economic and social development and a more sustainable community.

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