Products & Solutions

Dow Thailand Group has more than 1,000 lists of product families sold in Thailand. Either produced locally or imported for sales, these high-quality products are classified as follows.

PacXpert packaging


High-quality products under this group become materials for food and consumables packaging to guarantee freshness and safety before reaching consumer’s hands.



Highly-flexible but durable plastic pellets are mostly used in the automotive industry especially for interior work and other industries.

Mother and daughter with comfortable bedding


Dow runs factories in the entire chain from upstream to downstream including propylene oxide, propylene glycol, polyol and formulated polyol as well as polyether polyol.

Woman painting


The business consists of factories producing synthetic latex, acrylic emulsion and poly- acrylic acid solutions.



Polystyrene is used to produce multi-purpose high-quality plastic products found in a wide range ofevery day’s item.

Carpet backing

Sytrene-Butadiene Latex

Applications in the production of high-quality coated paper and paperboard, carpet backing, etc.

Dow Global Product Catalogue