Dow Joins Forces with Public Sector to Unveil Dow Chemical for Sustainable Industry Phase 4

Bangkok - August 03, 2018 - Developing Thailand’s industries requires supportive collaboration from public and private sectors in order to achieve Industry 4.0 for the country’s greater competitive advantage. Dow Thailand Group together with the Ministry of Industry and its agencies including the Department of Industrial Promotion, the Department of Industrial Works, and Thai Industrial Standards Institute and its associate, Thailand Environment Institute, have launched the “Dow Chemical for Sustainable Industry Phase 4” program. In addition, a seminar on “Circular Economy through Disruptive Innovation” was held to underline the concept of Circular Economy and innovative technology principles as well as to encourage industrial entrepreneurs to apply those principles for sustainable business growth which will drive the country to Thailand 4.0.


Under the fourth phase of the Dow Chemical for Sustainable Industry program, Dow Thailand Group in partnership with various sectors from public and non-governmental organizations highlights the Ministry of Industry’s “Big Brothers” initiative which aims to increase competitive advantage and improve industrial standards in SMEs. Dow, as a leading and responsible solutions provider, has been introducing the Lean Management for Environment framework for the industrial sector to raise the country’s manufacturing environmental, and health and safety standards. The program is in line with the government’s 20-Year National Strategy for protecting and revamping the environment while maintaining growth and reducing health and ecosystem risks.

Dr. Somchai Harnhiran, Deputy Minister of Industry, remarked “Thailand is now approaching Industry 4.0. SMEs are strategic players in stimulating the country’s economy. To develop them to achieve Industry 4.0 or Smart Factory will not only bring about ultimate resource efficiency but also essentially endorse entrepreneurs to be environmentally sensitive and follow the Circular Economy framework which ensures sustainable production and consumption.”

Dow has been working on the program for 7 consecutive years. So far the program has generated 5,844 professionals and advisors on Lean Management for Environment and elevated the industrial entrepreneurs’ productivity and superior safety and environmental standards. 40 of them have become role-model enterprises. In addition, the program has contributed to significant positive impacts, such as a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 1.5 million kgCO2e per annum (equivalent to planting 150,000 trees), production and energy cost savings of 144 million baht per annum, and community well-being improvement for 922,000 people.

Kobchai Sungsitthesawad, Director-General of Department of Industry Promotion, noted “The Dow Chemical for Sustainable Industry program reflects the accomplishment of collaboration from public, private and non-profit organizations to holistically put forward Thailand industry and SMEs’ competitiveness. This is in line with the Big Brothers project initiated by our department which large enterprises are helping SMEs to improve their performances in order to compete regionally and globally. As a result, Thailand will achieve sustainable and healthy economic growth.”

The “Dow Chemical for Sustainable Industry” program has been recognized at both national and international levels. In 2014, the program received an Asian CSR Award in environmental excellence from The Asian Institute of Management - Ramon V. del Rosario, Sr. Center for Corporate Social Responsibility. In 2017, the program received the AMCHAM Excellence in Promoting Thailand 4.0 Award from The American Chamber of Commerce in Thailand. These highlight the achievements and significant changes the project has contributed to Thailand’s industry.

Chatchai Luanpolcharoenchai, President of Dow Thailand Group, said “Dow constantly strives to deliver long-term value in business operations with sustainable solutions. Protecting people and the environment is the first priority in everything we do and every decision we make across the globe. We are prompt to implement global know-how and expertise to support Thai entrepreneurs, especially SMEs, in improving their environmental and safety standards to compete sustainably and advance towards Industry 4.0.”

Through Dow and public sector partnership, a seminar on the topic “Circular Economy through Disruptive Innovation” was also conducted to provide knowledge and expertise from experts from different sectors including The National Research Council of Thailand, the Department of Primary Industries and Mines, Production Technology and Industrial Zone Division and the Department of Industrial Works.

About “Dow Chemical for Sustainable Industry”

Since 2011, the Dow Chemical for Sustainable Industry program has been organized by Dow Thailand Group and partners including public, private, non-profit, and international organizations and its associate, Thailand Environment Institute to upgrade Thai industrial standards by providing knowledge and consultation to small and medium-sized enterprises on “lean management for the environment”. The program encourages building network of environmental consultants and professionals in the industrial sectors, sharing expertise and knowledge to SMEs so they improve their competitiveness by reducing cost of production, increasing productivity and profits, elevating safety and environmental standards. In addition, this will generate promising investment opportunities for the clients, provide benefits for community and their people hence lead to organizational profits sustainably.

About Dow Thailand Group

Consisting of Companies of Dow Chemical Thailand and the SCG-Dow Group, Dow Thailand Group, the leading science group of companies in Thailand, is the largest manufacturing base of Dow Chemical in the Asia-Pacific region and a leading importer of chemical products for diverse industries in Thailand, including those for agriculture and household pesticides. The group is committed to developing science-driven innovations and strives to form effective collaboration and networks to bring about sustainability for its business as well as society.