“DOW” partners with Japanese expert “Toyokoh” to launch eco-friendly sprayed insulation for roof

Bangkok - 7 December 2020 – Dow Thailand Group (Dow), a global leader in materials science, partners with Japanese roofing expert company, "Toyokoh", to launch "Sosei", an innovative environmental-friendly roof insulation system that is designed to withstand the humid climate in Thailand and ASEAN region. The product is catered towards factories, hospitals, and schools that aim to preserve energy in their buildings without harming the environment.

The innovative "Sosei" roof is a three-layer sprayed insulation form created from Dow's VORACOR™ Polyurethane foam and Dow's HYPERLAST™ elastomer, followed by a coating from Kansai Paint. They are directly sprayed on the roof tiles to create a seamless insulation which can effectively protect from the heat, save energy used to cool buildings, and prevent water leakage from the roof. It also lowers unwanted noise and strengthens the roof, thanks to Japan's experience of facing violent storms frequently. Another unique advantage is that it can be sprayed from the outside without affecting indoor activities. Therefore, the solution is very suitable for roof maintenance of buildings with continuous activities such as factories, hospitals, and warehouses. Unlike other foaming methods, it does not cause Ozone depletion.

"Dow places high importance on the environment, and one of our sustainability goals is to protect the climate. We strive to develop innovations in response to the demands of green buildings that save energy and prevent heat by designing a durable material to fit Thailand's climate with the least Greenhouse gases emission during construction. The innovation also saves transportation resources and can be installed quickly and seamlessly in a spraying format. We are solving building's heat and global warming at the same time," said Mr. Chatchai Luanpolcharoenchai, President of Dow Thailand.

In Thailand and South East Asia, the commonly-used blowing agents for Polyurethane foam are Hydrochlorofluorocarbons–HCFC and Hydrofluorocarbon –HFC, known to cause global warming by damaging the ozone in the atmosphere. The innovative "Sosei" roof insulation is different as it utilizes "Hydrofluoro-Olefin" or HFO to create the foam structure in an environmentally-safe way. The HFO has an Ozone Depleting Potential of zero and a Global Warming Potential of less than 1, which is 99% less than using the typical HCFC or HFC as blowing agents.

"The "Sosei" roof insulation, which uses Dow's cutting-edge technology, is eco-friendly and very effective in protecting against heat. Comparing to a normal roof, the temperature under the Sosei roof is approximately 10 degrees Celsius lower. Designed to withstand the humidity climate and being shock-proof and water-proof, it can also lower the impact of natural disasters towards the roof structure, including damages caused by storms and earthquakes, with a 10-year water-proof guarantee. We are proud that Toyokoh is Dow's first authorized partner to implement this innovation in South East Asia, and we are ready to provide services in Thailand," said Mr. Kazuaki Toyosawa of Toyokoh.

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Toyokoh (Thailand) Company Limited is an innovative roofing expert from Japan with expertise and experience in selling roof products and providing roof installation services in respond to customer needs in Japan and ASEAN markets.

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