Dow supports the establishment of a waste management learning center in Bangkok in the hope of advancing a zero-waste city

BANGKOK,  November 27, 2020 - Dow Thailand Group (Dow) supports "Koh Klang," its nearby community in Bangkok's Klong Toey district, as a comprehensive waste management model to promote the circular economy. Dow has assisted in setting up a waste sorting system, improving waste management areas, and finding recyclable waste selling channels. The project aims to serve as a learning center for other sites to build upon and generate extra income and welfare for the community.

Koh Klang community in Klong Toey district, located on a small island in the middle of Phra Khanong canal, is the only "island community" in Bangkok. Owned by the Crown Property Bureau, the 1.2 acre of land goes back more than 100 years ago as a community with a population of 270 living in 58 households. It is currently known as a self-managed community. The residents lead a self-sufficient life, make their own household items to lower expenses, and are committed to conserving the environment. Thanks to Dow, the comprehensive waste management learning center has recently been launched to generate extra income and increase community benefits from selling waste. It is also expected to serve as a learning center where other communities can learn from their experience to make use of the trash and prevent them from ending up in the environment.

"Dow Thailand Group is committed to sustainability by protecting the climate, eliminating plastic waste, and encouraging recycling. The company has joined forces with like-minded organizations and communities on several pilot projects. We have found that people in the Koh Klang community, which is near Dow's headquarter, are passionate about improving their neighborhood. They also have a strong community leader who places importance on waste management at the source, and they are willing to pass on the knowledge to other communities. This has led to the collaboration to establish the learning center today," said Mr. Supot Katetopragran, Commercial Director of Dow Thailand Group.

The project is a collaboration between Dow and Klong Toey district office with Thailand Institute of Packaging and Recycling Management for Sustainable Environment (TIPMSE), an expert in packaging management, as the project's consultant. The community's wastes are divided into four groups: 1. Organic waste, 2. Recyclable materials 3. General waste, 4. Hazardous waste. The different types of waste will either be made into sellable items or delivered to the Klong Toey district office for proper disposal. Area improvement has been carried out since January 2020.

"Dow has worked with TIPMSE to provide knowledge about comprehensive waste management to the community. The collaboration includes organizing workshops on types of plastic, proper plastic waste sorting, and the recycling process, as well as setting up a better waste sorting system, improving areas for proper waste sorting, and coordinating with organizations that could purchase the waste and make use of it. Dow is currently in talks to Klong Toey district office to set up a system for a pick-up of sorted clean stretchy plastics for further recycling," added Mr. Supot.

Dow has supported the setting up of an accounting system to ensure thorough distribution of income within the community. The sources of income are from two categories: waste sales and study visits. Innovation in the form of an application called “O.K. Recycle” will be used to facilitate the waste price updates and data collection of waste selling and buying.

Mr. Sinchai Thiensiri, Director of TIPMSE, said, "TIPMSE, who has been promoting waste packaging management for over 15 years, has seen the potential of Koh Klang community in becoming a learning center. Not only is it located on an island, but it is also an urban community. We all know that promoting waste management is quite difficult in limited space and with urban people's relaxed attitudes toward waste sorting. Anyone who would like to learn from a successful community with so many limitations can come to Koh Klang, where Dow and TIPMSE have joined forces with the local authorities in developing the area into another interesting learning center."

Mr. Prateungwit Jaidee, Deputy Director of Klong Toey district office, said, "Waste sorting has been conducted in Koh Klang community for a long time though it might not be as comprehensive or systematic. The support from Dow Thailand Group has built upon the good to make it great. The Kong Toey district office is more than happy to support the learning center's activities, which will benefit other communities and organizations who come for study visits. The knowledge gained from the visits will help reduce waste at the source and lead to a zero-waste community in the near future.

According to the survey, the types of waste in Koh Klang Community comprises 31 percent organic waste, 41 percent recyclable materials, 27 percent general waste, and 1 percent hazardous waste. With all reusable and recyclable waste sorted out, the amount of waste going to the landfill could be reduced by over four tons from 18 tons in the first phase of the project or more than 20 percent. The organic waste can be used to make biogas, compost, and fermented bio-extracts. The recyclable garbage can be sold for added income. The 3 Rs concept will be applied for general waste by encouraging reducing and reusing by making crafts or other useful items.

Out of all the community's wastes, 18 percent is plastic waste, divided into 26 percent non-sellable plastics and up to 74 percent sellable recyclable plastics. The sellable waste can be a source of income and other welfare programs for the community, such as a cremation fund or improvement of the community's common areas.

For a study visit at Koh Klang community's comprehensive waste management learning center, please contact Khun Jurairat (Aew) at 089-4269723

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