Dow Thailand engages volunteers in a decade-long mangrove forestation

Rayong - June 15, 2018 - Data from the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources shows that the number of mangrove forests in Thailand has dropped tremendously from the year 2000 to 2009. This calls for urgent mangrove forest preservation from the surrounding communities as mangrove is a natural source of food, tin, fuel, habitat for plants and animals, and a fishing area for the local people. It also acts as a buffer for coastal erosion, an absorber of waste water and carbon dioxide, and a producer of oxygen.

Dow Thailand Group, committed to environmental conservation, initiated “Dow - Mangrove Forestation” project in 2009 by partnering with the Office of the Pak Nam Prasae Sub-district Municipality, the company’s tripartite team, Ban Chang District communities, U.S. Embassy in Thailand’s volunteers, local media, and Dow volunteers to conduct mangrove forestation in the Remembrance Lhuangprasae Battleship area, Pak Nam Prasae Sub-district, Klaeng District, Rayong Province. The objective is to organize a recurring mangrove forestation; encourage and cultivate volunteerism; and raise awareness in environmental conservation among the local communities.

2018 marks the 10th year of the project, with more than 400 volunteers participating in 2,000-mangrove foresting, sea-scraping for ground preparation, beach cleanup, and waste segregation for recycling and reusing of natural resources to reduce environmental impact.

Mr. Narin Wongtanasirikul, Responsible Care Director, Dow Thailand Group, said, “Dow Thailand recognizes the benefits of environmental protection on the local community’s economy and well-being; hence, the initiation of this decade-long “Dow – Mangrove Forestation” project. We plan to support Pak Nam Prasae Sub-district area to become an urban forest, which is in line with the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources’s policy to improve the community’s well-being by increasing utility areas in a sustainable way.”

Pak Nam Prasae is one out of 15 sub-districts of Klaeng District. The majority of the population works in the fishing industry and lives in wooden houses by the river. The area offers plenty of beautiful natural attractions, abundant of mangrove forests, homestay accommodations with a standard that ranked first in the country, as well as many local arts, culture, wisdom and historical attractions.

Mr. Chairat Aueatrakul, Mayor, Pak Nam Prasae Sub-district, Rayong Province, said, “The lives of Pak Nam Prasae people have always intertwined with nature along the Prasae River and mangrove forest. The Office of the Pak Nam Prasae Sub-district Municipality humbly adopts HRH Queen Sirikit of King Rama IX’s intention to preserve and protect the environment through this mangrove forestation project with the support from Dow Thailand Group since the beginning. To date, our 1,000-rai mangrove forest has been established as the urban forest under the name ‘The Wonder of Golden Mangrove Field at Pak Nam Prasae’. The area has become a mangrove learning center and an attraction for many tourists; people live a happy life and the economy prospers resonating with our slogan of ‘Prasae – livable and likeable town’.”

Since 2009, more than 1,800 Dow volunteers, partnering organizations, and local people, have planted around 14,000 mangroves to help grow 32,000 sq. m. of green area, increase 4.9 million kg. of carbon dioxide absorption, and generate more than THB 600,000 of revenue to community. The project reinforces the company’s commitment to environmental and social responsibility through continuous forestation.

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