Kimpai Tubes collaborates with Dow to launch Thailand’s first recyclable toothpaste tube, recognized by the Association of Plastic Recyclers

Bangkok – 20 April 2023 – Kimpai Lamitube Company Limited, a leading tube packaging manufacturer, has joined forces with Dow Thailand Group to develop an innovative, recyclable, laminated tube made from mono-material plastic. The tube is designated for toothpaste, facial foam, hair conditioner, hand cream, serum, and lotion. Kimpai Lamitube is Thailand’s first and only company and one of five in the world to be recognized by the Association of Plastic Recyclers in the category of tube packaging.

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“The laminated tubes with metal layers that are widely used in Thailand today require such a complex and costly form of recycling that they eventually turn out to be waste. Kimpai and Dow have the same viewpoint on finding a solution to end this problem. We have jointly developed laminated tubes made from mono-material plastic and qualified according to the Association of Plastic Recycler standards. The new recyclable tube utilizes Dow’s ELITETM and DOWLEXTM resins of High Alpha-Olefins Polyethylene to achieve an excellent balance of toughness and high-density requirements. The cap and the tube are now made from the same type of plastic, making it easy for them to be recycled,” said Supot Katetopragran, Commercial Director of Dow Thailand Group.

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“Dow is committed to developing innovations that promote sustainability, with an aim to reduce carbon emissions and plastic waste throughout the value chain. We are pleased to have this opportunity to partner with Kimpai, a leading global packaging producer, which is among five in the world and the only company in Thailand certified by the Association of Plastic Recyclers for recyclable laminated tubes. We are proud to support our customer’s success and look forward to developing more sustainable innovations,” added Supot.

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“Innovation is at the heart of Kimpai, and we never stop innovating for a better future. We have the same ambition as Dow—to tackle the waste problem by enabling a circular economy, and to make what was once ‘hard to recycle’ recyclable. The world is now paying attention to sustainability and a large number of consumers support brands with environmentally friendly products. Such recyclable packaging supports manufacturers and brands to apply product stewardship principles at early stages according to the Extended Producer Responsibility or EPR. It also helps end-consumers take part in advancing the circular economy, by recycling their personal care product’s packaging,” said Surachanee Limatibul, Assistant Managing Director of Kimpai Lamitube


“Key global consumer product brands have targeted switching to one hundred percent recyclable tubes by 2025 to advance the circular economy. Kimpai has also set our sustainability goals and is ready to be a force for good by enabling global brands to achieve their goals,” concluded Surachanee.

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This recyclable packaging is labeled with the number “2” inside the recycle symbol, with the acronym ‘HDPE’ underneath. After using the tube, the consumer is requested to wash and dry it before placing it at the collection points of “Bangkok Magic Hands Project,” located at every district office around Bangkok; or disposing it in general HDPE plastic waste collection points, where the tube can be discarded together with colored or white turbid plastics, such as shampoo bottles.

Watch an interview video of Kimpai’s executive about Thailand’s First Recyclable Toothpaste Tube journey with Dow collaboration at this VDO click! >

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