Thai students nationwide join 2022 DOW-CST AWARD emphasizing Dow’s success in minimizing education inequality

Dow Thailand organized the 8th DOW-CST AWARD, a national arena for young scientists, and the competition was successful beyond expectation. Fifty-seven teams from schools nationwide competed, reflecting the popularity of the new teaching approach supported by Dow Thailand Group. The small-scale laboratory introduced by the "Dow Chemical Classroom" program is smaller, safer, and cheaper than a full-scale laboratory. It provides Thai students with an equal opportunity in science education as all schools can utilize the small-scale lab, even in remote areas.

BANGKOK – February 8, 2023 - Dow Thailand Group (Dow) recently organized a Dow Chemistry Classroom competition called "DOW-CST AWARD," with the theme of "Green Chemistry." Participation from fifty-seven teams nationwide is evidence of more access to science education brought by the small-scale chemistry laboratory, with which the students can conduct experiments by themselves. The small kit is cheaper, safer, and consumes fewer chemicals. Also, the class can incorporate local materials and chemicals from daily life in the experiments. The innovative approach provides equal educational opportunities to all schools while being friendlier to the environment.


Dow has joined hands with the Chemical Society of Thailand (CST), the National Science Museum (NSM), and the Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC), Ministry of Education, to promote the small-scale chemistry laboratory and organize the DOW-CST AWARD, with students and teachers submitting newly invented small-scale experiments. The final round was held on 25 November 2022 at Chamchuri Square Building, with the number of applicants increasing year-over-year.

"Dow, the world's leading materials science company, believes in solving problems with scientific expertise. We are determined to provide children in urban and rural areas with the same opportunity to perform scientific experiments by themselves. This firsthand experience will enable them to learn better and have positive attitudes toward science education. We hope to inspire and develop new young scientists who will drive Thailand's economy, society, and environmental friendliness in the future," said Supot Katetopragran, Commercial Director of Dow Thailand Group.

"The small-scale chemistry laboratory requires simple and affordable apparatuses. The chemicals used in this technique are easy to find, and only a small amount is needed. Therefore, it is safe and harmless for both users and the environment. Since the kits are not complicated, the experiments must be well-designed. The small-scale laboratory will enable students to practice thinking and analysis skills while profoundly enhancing their understanding of chemical principles. Therefore, it is suitable to use this technique in conjunction with traditional instruction. With fifty-seven teams participating this year, it is a great pleasure to see that the technique has been widely recognized and applied. Improving chemistry education will lead to further development of the country because chemistry is considered a foundation of science," said Professor Dr. Vudhichai Parasuk, President of the Chemical Society of Thailand.

"We can see that teachers can apply knowledge gained from the small-scale laboratory technique training to the lessons taught in their science classrooms so effectively that their students can successfully submit their creative projects to this competition. This is a result of the cooperation of OBEC and its partners in promoting the new teaching approach. Of course, we will continue to work hand in hand to expand the results to more schools under the supervision of OBEC to create equal educational opportunities in all areas of Thailand," said Dr. Chotima Nooprick, Deputy Director of Basic Education Commission Office of The Basic Education Commission (OBEC)

"NSM has a great intention to provide children, youth, and people in Thailand with easy access to science studies insofar as it’s possible. Meanwhile, we would like to make science more fun and common by promoting learning outside the classroom. For instance, the DOW-CST AWARD is one of the extracurricular activities that NSM has always supported because it is an opportunity for youth and teachers to showcase their potential and knowledge obtained from outside the school classrooms. It makes science more interesting and inspiring. The knowledge gained from this competition can also be applied and extended to daily life," added Assistant Professor Dr. Rawin Rawiwong, President of the National Science Museum.

"The competition this year received a lot of attention from many schools, even from remote areas. This shows that there has been increased application of the "Small-Scale Chemistry Laboratory" principles. The new teaching method has been recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, or UNESCO. It is currently being adopted in schools in England, Germany, Australia, Mexico, the Philippines, Japan, China, and others. Dow Chemistry Classroom program has already trained 2,086 teachers nationwide from 1,237 schools. More than 310,000 students have participated directly in this program. We are planning to expand this project further," concluded Professor Dr. Supawan Tantayanon, Director of Dow Chemistry Classroom, Chemical Society of Thailand.

The results of the 8th DOW-CST AWARD in the category of High School Level are as follows:

  • "Comprehensive learning project using paper-based sensor containing gold nanoparticles synthesized by green method to check glucose level" from Siyanuson School, Chanthaburi Province, received the Excellence Award with prize money of 40,000 baht as well as an honorary trophy from Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn Krom Phra Srisavangavadhana.
  • "Small scale titration curve experiment with stirr and SAMS EN pH detector application" from Samsenwittayalai School, Bangkok, received the Outstanding Award and prize money of 20,000 baht.
  • Chiangrai Municipality School 6 from Nakhon Chiang Rai, Chiang Rai Province, and Bangmunnakphoomiwitthayakhom School from Phichit Province received the Consolation Award with prize money of 5,000 baht. 

The results of the 8th DOW-CST AWARD in the category of Junior High School Level are as follows:

  • "Factors affecting the chemical reaction" from Chiangrai Provincial Administrative Organization School, Chiang Rai Province, received the Excellence Award with prize money of 40,000 baht as well as an honorary trophy from Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn Krom Phra Srisavangavadhana. 
  • "Miracle substances in our country" from Assumption College Rayong, Rayong Province, received the Outstanding Award and prize money of 20,000 baht. 
  • Amnatcharoen School, Amnat Charoen Province, received the Consolation Award with prize money of 5,000 baht. 

 This year, DOW-CST AWARD also gave a special 10,000 baht "Popular View Award" to the team with the highest number of video views from the experiment clip on Dow Thailand's YouTube channel. The winning team was Chiang Khan School from Loei Province.

Advisory teachers of the twenty-six finalist teams are entitled to participate in the Pure and Applied Chemistry International Conference (PACCON 2023) from 20-21 January 2023 at Mae Fah Luang University, Chiang Rai Province. Moreover, they will receive the Chemical Society of Thailand's membership and be appointed as model teachers of the project to extend the teaching technique further. The teachers trained by the "Dow Chemistry Classroom" program can use the training hours as a credit to request for the promotion of academic standing, as well.

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