Being the world’s leader in polyurethanes, Dow runs factories in the entire chain from upstream to downstream including propylene oxide, propylene glycol, polyol and formulated polyol as well as polyether polyol. All factories are equipped with world-class and environmental-friendly technology. Dow Thailand Group’s polyurethanes business consists of the Polyurethanes Foam and the Propylene Glycol group. Flexible and rigid polyurethanes foam are used in the bedding and furniture industry where it’s turned intomattresses & pillows, bath sponges as well as couch and sofa cushions. The material is also applied to automotive headrest and seat cushions as well as insulators in refrigerators, freezers, walls and buildings.

Comfortable bedding

Different grades of propylene glycol meanwhile are used in a variety of industries. Food-graded materials are used as chemicals inpharmaceutical industry. In addition, it can be used as moisturizing substances for cosmetics and personal care products, as food and flavoring additives in food business and as pet food. Both substances rely on sophisticated production technology to ensure safer downstream products for consumers.


Key Dow’s products/brands produced in Thailand


  • Bedding
  • Flooring
  • Footwear
  • Furniture
  • Coatings
  • Building Insulation
  • Appliances
  • Cold Chain
  • Adhesive & Sealant


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