chip bags and other food packaging

Collation shrink film (CSF)

Collation shrink film is a well established and cost-effective method of collating cans, bottles, cartons, and even palletized goods. It offers a number of benefits, including "see-through” packaging to increase brand awareness, high-gloss shelf appeal, and reduction of some of the packaging components.

There is even more to recommend this type of packaging, as it enables lower energy consumption and reduction of post-consumer waste, thus aiding packagers' sustainability initiatives. It comes as no surprise then that the application experienced double digit growth recently in Asia Pacific, rapidly replacing paper, paperboard, and cardboard packaging. With such a growing demand, including the need for specialized shrink film for bright printing and graphics, Dow is an ideal materials supplier with differentiated resin offerings to produce collation shrink films that enables our customers to stay competitive in the marketplace.

Key features

  • Package integrity, snug fit around the product
  • See-through packaging to increase brand awareness
  • High gloss shelf appeal
  • Bright printing and graphics

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