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As a world-leading supplier of innovative basics solutions, The Dow Chemical Company (Dow) is committed to customer success. This is demonstrated every day through products that meet needs for quality, consistency and performance, through on-time delivery and a focus on safety and the environment, and through local sales and technical support that helps customers grow.

The success of Dow’s first polyethylene factory in Asia Pacific that effectively responded to the needs of local and international markets especially those in the Asia Pacific region has led to an opening of the second plant that is highly integrated with the first one. The new plant uses state-of-the-art process automation system, containing software developed by Dow that allows us to provide broader product coverage and faster responses to customer needs. High-quality products under this group become materials for food and consumables packaging to guarantee freshness and safety before reaching consumer’s hands. Not only polyethylene is a material for packaging of dry and liquid foods, meat and cheese but also medical supplies and animal feeds. In addition, this substance can be turned into stretch cling film, durable furniture, artificial grass and outdoor furniture.

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