Stand up pouch


Stand-up pouch is forecasted to show the most buoyant development of all food pack types in Asia Pacific. Look in a grocery store today and you will likely find that what was once packaged in a paperboard box or even a glass jar is now in a stand-up pouch. Dow has developed a number of solutions that are helping to make the packaging not only “stand-up” - stiffness, strength impact and clarity - but also more functional - excellent heat seal properties to meet all kinds of fast speed packaging line - and meanwhile increase reliability and versatility in achieving "easy-open” functionality.

Key features
  • Excellent durability for package and product protection
  • Film stiffness needed for efficient filling, displaying, and storing of packages like stand-up pouches
  • Film toughness for enhanced package optimization – even at refrigeration and frozen temperatures
  • Toughness with excellent flex crack resistance – for liquid packaging