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Stretch cling film (SCF)

Stretch cling film is a very effective method of protecting palletized products through storage and distribution. LLDPE resins have provided an excellent balance of properties to meet the demanding requirements of this application for more than 20 years, with higher alpha olefin comonomer grade being one of the market and technology leaders. As the film converters continuously strive for more cost-effective production, using the high speed and/or high pre-stretch machines, the structure of the film itself has been transforming at various stages. The performance plastics team from Dow would love to be your first choice for those newly developmental trends, providing you benefits such as stretchability, holding force, high tear and puncture resistance, etc.


Key features

  • Down gauging potential
  • High output and holding force
  • Consistent cling and more
  • High holding force
  • Superior tear & puncture resistance
Stretch wrapped boxes

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